The behavioral theory focuses solely on a person’s behaviors rather than the feelings that go alongside those behaviors. It suggests that behaviors are conditioned in an environment due to certain stimuli. Behavioral theorists believe that behavior determines feelings, so changing behaviors is important because this will in turn change feelings. It’s important to discuss career goals in the interviewing process itself to make sure that the candidate’s goals are realistic and align with the goals of your company.

7 stages of human life cycle

In 1964, researchers and filmmakers began a fascinating and landmark documentary series known as the UP Series. Michael Apted, a researcher for the original film, has returned to interview these individuals every seven years since then, at ages 14, 21, 28, 35, 42, 49, 56, and finally at age 63. Early childhood, or the preschool years, around ages 2-6, is filled with incredible amounts of growth and change.

Social learning theory: Bandura’s hypothesis (+ examples)

By understanding the stages of life and what each phase entails, you can develop your self-awareness. And with self-awareness, you can live your life with purpose and intention. Progressing through the stages of life can be challenging, but it’s exciting because it gives us the opportunity to become our authentic selves. If you can learn how to navigate through the waves of change, you’ll be grateful for all the chances life gives you to grow.

It focuses on the contributions that society as a whole makes to individual human development. For example, children who are raised to play outdoors develop differently from children who are raised to play indoors. In young adulthood, which begins roughly at age 20, people begin to solidify their lifelong bonds; many people enter committed relationships or marriages, while others form lifelong friendships. People who can create and maintain these relationships reap the emotional benefits, while those who struggle to maintain relationships may suffer from isolation. A young adult who develops strong friendships in college may feel more intimacy than one who struggles to form and maintain close friendships. Even though a former employee has physically left your organization, they can still engage with you via social media, via an alumni network or talent pool.

Behavioral Theory

Late teens, twenties, and thirties are often thought of as early adulthood (students who are in their mid to late 30s may love to hear that they are young adults!). It is a time when we are at our physiological peak but are most at risk for involvement in violent crimes and substance abuse. It is a time of focusing on the future and putting a lot of energy into making choices that will help one earn the status of a full adult in the eyes of others. Cohort, culture, time in history, the economy, and socioeconomic status may be key factors in when youth take on adult roles. Students may choose to study human growth and development because of its array of applications across many professional fields.

7 stages of human life cycle

Framing life as a trajectory can help you think about what has helped or hindered in the past and what might work or get in the way moving forward. The higher a person’s and family’s expectations, the more opportunities and experiences a person will have and the closer they’ll get to achieving their goals. It is important to note that the eight stages of the life cycle are different from the seven phases of life as understood by First Nations, although these stages and phases often overlap. In middle adulthood, people tend to struggle with their contributions to society. Those who feel that they’re contributing experience generativity, which is the sense of leaving a legacy.

The 7 Stages of the Employee Life Cycle

Growth rates slow down and children are able to refine their motor skills at this point in life. Children also begin to learn about social relationships beyond the family through interaction with friends and fellow students; same-sex friendships are particularly salient during this period. The list of the periods of development reflects unique aspects of the various stages of childhood and adulthood that will be explored in this book, including physical, cognitive, and psychosocial changes. So while both an 8-month-old and an 8-year-old are considered children, they have very different motor abilities, cognitive skills, and social relationships.

7 stages of human life cycle

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